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Timber Benchtops

Timber Care and Maintenance

Timber benchtops look amazing in both kitchens and bathrooms, however to maintain their appearance certain care and maintenance is required.

Here are some handy tips to prolong the life of your new benchtops:

  • timber-benchClean spills straightaway. No matter the finish, spills have the potential of seeping through the protective layer and then warping the timber underneath, this can be achieved through simply wiping up any splashes or spills straight away.
  • A yearly reseal for natural matte finish benchtops is required. For benchtops that are vanished with a high gloss polyurethane, check with the supplier on their recommended maintenance schedule. Resealing will not only rejuvenate the timber, but also protect them from stains and moisture and makes them easier to clean.
  • Warm soapy water is all that is required to clean the benchtops. Do not use high acidity base cleaners or vinegar as these will deteriorate the glue.
  • Through the initial process of choosing your timber bench top, be wary of the type of basin that you choose. Being able to access the area behind the basin is vital in the care and maintenance of your bench, basins that are semi recessed or inset are better suited for this reason than above basins.
  • When choosing your timber choose a finished timber as opposed to unfinished. Finished timber will provide greater protection from water damage, while unfinished will absorb any water that is spilt on them. While unfinished provides a very rustic feel to the kitchen, choice should also be based on the durability of the bench top not just the trend.